See What Dentrix Enterprise Pay Can Do for Your Practice

Dentrix Enterprise Pay

Minimize the hassle of accepting patient payments with Dentrix Enterprise Pay, the integrated payment solution that can help you save both time and money. Payments post automatically to the Dentrix Enterprise Ledger, eliminating double entry and potential errors. Enable your dental team to work faster, so you can focus on patient care.

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Process Payments Without Contact

Accept All Popular Forms of Payment

Limit patient contact to simply tapping or inserting their card or stay completely contactless with a digital wallet solution such as Apple Pay or Google Pay — reducing the risk of contact-based transmission during a pandemic.

Deliver the convenience your patients expect. Dentrix Enterprise Pay accepts all popular credit, debit, EMV chips, FSA and HSA as well as NFC contactless payment options. Dentrix Enterprise Pay is backed by Worldpay, strategic partner of Henry Schein One and one of the largest payment processors in the world.

Seamlessly Integrated With Dentrix Enterprise

As an authorized payment card solution for Dentrix Enterprise, Dentrix Enterprise Pay is verified to work with every Dentrix Enterprise software update. Seamlessly integrate payments into your normal Dentrix Enterprise workflow and have them automatically post to your Dentrix Enterprise Ledger. The integrated workflow speeds up patient check-out and allows you to create a more standardized process for payment card processing.

Streamline and Save

Benefit from a single point of contact for Dentrix Enterprise and Dentrix Enterprise Pay service and support, saving your team time by eliminating the need to duplicate entries outside of Dentrix Enterprise. Plus, because this solution is already in your Dentrix Enterprise software, there is no need to buy additional software or pay setup and registration fees.

See What Dentrix Enterprise Pay Can Do for Your Practice

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